Bring The Party Wherever You Go

Music and motion is a key ingredient to our ever busy lifestyles. We rely on electronics to make our lives more productive and enjoyable. With our work and homework loads increasing and our commutes getting longer, we seek better and more enjoyable ways to function throughout our day.

We at Street Hopper want to bring you the best entertainment possible for your every day listening to your ready to rock hard earned vacation through engineering and understanding your personal audio needs.

Street Hopper believes that sound quality and performance is the #1 goal of our products. We strive to offer our customers the best personal audio products available in the world today. The partnership that we offer our dealers gives the opportunity for all involved to thrive in this tough business economy.

Street Hopper strives to be the leader in personal audio engineering and performance. The vision has remained constant , “Bold engineering and unconventional thinking will bring out nothing but the best in both our product and our people”. This vision makes Street Hopper the best for innovation and performance.

Mission Statement

With the introduction of Personal Audio into the market place, Street Hopper has acquired some of the top engineers available. Their primary focus is to create the highest quality Audio players with vision into the future.

The evolution of the consumers demand for higher quality products at affordable prices remains the key ingredient for future success of Street Hopper. Although, we still remain loyal to our audiophile audience with no compromise products that deliver the highest possible sound quality and performance available in the market today.

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